No Grumbling today ... for the most part!

My daughter and I share the magic of the rolling waves as the sun rises over the sea and I count my blessings. Yes, behind me is a fire-ravaged ruin of a hotel, adding stress to the running of our Eastbourne shop, but these moments of bliss remind me of what has priority in life!

Eastbourne has been an interesting town to come to: the community feel isn't the same as the Mancunian 'one-for-all' attitude, but it's full of heroic people and champions that expend themselves for others. The man under the pier sharing shells with my two-year-old, the guys from Chad patrolling the Claremont rubble with cheeriness despite the weather, the retired opera singer from the flats above volounteering in court: they represent the epitome of graciousness as they make those around them feel respected and valued.

So the stresses of life are, for a moment, pushed out of sight by the community around us. These glimpses of pure humanity inspire me as Groomsman Barbers likewise strives to improve the community we belong to.

Manners maketh man, respect makes the community.