This week's Grumble is one shared by many but unknown to the majority of people - that of sensitivity to sensory stimulus (try saying that before your morning coffee) and the invasion of personal space.

The large majority of us don't think twice about wandering in to a Barber's, sitting down and letting them work their magic on our luscious locks. Nonetheless, just walking into an unfamiliar place can be terrifying for some, the sound of clippers whirring and the smell of products resulting in an overload and stress release that comes in varying forms.

My wife has worked for many years with little and large students she affectionately calls her 'kids' (whatever age or height) who struggled with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, physical disablities and other issues. She has talked with me about their fears and the ordeal that personal grooming can be. As a father I understand the lengths parents will go to for their children, but I can only imagine how stressful it must be to face a queue in a barbershop knowing the minefield of sensory triggers that are about to be encountered by your own son.

Groomsman Barbers are very grateful to have been given the Autism Friendly Award (the only current Barbers in the UK, according to the NAS Awardholders list) and we are proud to have designed our shop with personalisation in mind. Not only can we adapt the environment to each client, but we have the ability to turn the entire shop over to one person at a time: your favourite playlist, your space, your time, making it your cup of tea (or coffee).

We hope that more businesses become adaptable to the needs of others, resulting in a community of care that supports the individual. Groomsman Barbers aim to assist every person to reach their desired potential so that you leave our premesis feeling your best. When everybody makes the effort to help each other we make a brighter future for ourselves.