We've done it: the first days back to work have been successfully overcome!

The beginning of the year comes with pressures and stresses from all sides, whether you are into resolutions or not. Maybe it's Dry January, joining a gym, starting a new hobby or clearing that overdraft; the sense of leaving not just a year, but an entire decade behind can fill us with the vigour and enthusiasm to finally take those challenges on.

My current mountain to climb is that of making my own between-styles hair look presentable. Growing out a style takes all the patience I can muster, as my nearest and dearest miss-quotes Labrinth “would you let me see beneath your puff-head?” but it’ll be worth it in the end!

Being satisfied with the way we look really does have a huge impact on our mental health, let alone the success rate of our endeavours. At Groomsman Barbers we tackle both inside and outside by giving you a pampering experience for mind and head. So when you book in, why not let us know your personal playlist and we’ll serve it along with that double shot of espresso to set your pace while we shave your face.