Last week my wife’s grandparents celebrated 65 years of marriage (Congratulations Les and Pat), a beautiful thing to witness! Watching a couple who have made it that far, it is very evident that a lasting relationship survives through compromise, hard work and highlighting the positives in each other.

It therefore struck me as a lovely coincidence this week, that many returning clients have particularly mentioned the long lasting nature of their haircuts since coming to Groomsman Barbers. Some have been surprised that their cut has remained in its style well past the expected interval between appointments as this has never happened before. How does it work? Through compromise, hard work and highlighting the positives.

Firstly, let’s talk about compromise: you may be aware of the photo-editing that goes on before you see models in magazines (as George Cloony demonstrates above). However, it might come as a surprise (possibly depending on your year of birth) to know that editing is done on a grand scale now, even on live-streaming videos. The result being an unrealistic or completely unachievable goal being portrayed as within your grasp. Similarly, men can frequently walk in to a Barber’s armed with a photograph of their desired look, completely forgetting (or never having been acquainted with) their hair type and head shape. A client consultation at the beginning of every appointment helps me to understand your wishes and then educate you on the feasibility of getting and maintaining that style. Just as I can’t put corn-rows on a grade 1 clipper cut head, sometimes the compromise can swing out of your control.

The second secret to longevity is therefore highlighting the positives. Your hair helps paint the overall image you portray to others. Maybe the Mohawk you sported a couple of years ago isn’t possible now, but by taking the time to draw on the resources you do have, you can draw positive gazes once again. Some heads grow hair made for the height of a pompadour, others look fabulous when stepping out from a hot towel and razor. The oft-repeated advice of ‘be yourself’ really does work, I promise! Your hair really will look better, and last longer, when it’s cut into a style that works with your head shape and hair pattern.

And finally, the hard work aspect… but you can relax, as the hard work is in my hands, not yours! At Groomsman Barbers we cut your hair so that it falls into, not out of, your style. The time you spend relaxing in this green leather chair is the time when my mind and fingers are working at top capacity so you don’t have a fight on your hands the next morning.

All these elements come together to make a great relationship, between you and your hair and by extension between you and how you are seen by the world. And hopefully a great relationship with your barber!

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