It's the time of year that the majority of sales are made for a huge number of businesses, prompting a couple of walk-ins this week to be of the rather suspect sales kind, my wife's innocence showing through as I explained the phrase 'fell off the back of a van' after one visitor's disappointed departure.

Yes, we sell products here at Groomsman Barbers. We do, however, know exactly what is in them (and where they come from) having taken the time to test, rate and eliminate different kinds then educating ourselves about the suitablity of each for our clients. Crafting the contents of the bottles and pots is an art (please may I introduce Lee Mahon, the genius behind Squire products), one that we happily give due credit to.

Gifts for men are (my wife tells me) notoriously difficult, but giving someone the gift of confidence in the way they are seen by others is something we are proud to participate in at Groomsman. I will only use photographs of clients (with their permission) in my advertising, no models whatsoever, because we believe in the service offered within our doors.

Treat yourself the way we'll treat you, and you'll walk with pride!