The 11th month is half over, but my Grumble today is about the 11th hour; that crucial last minute that men stereotypically leave doctor appointments to.

Movember is one of the charitable organisations that spearheads the work of, in their words, 'changing the face of men's health.' They, along with The Lions Barber Collective and others, hope that the number of men dying from preventable causes (or living with treatable problems) can be drastically reduced.

The number one way this goal will be reached is through communication. One form is that of reducing research overlap so that more can be achieved in less time, another is getting men to communicate with their GP and other health professionals.

The communication that I hope I can offer is a listening ear and a safe place. The bond of confidence that is formed around the barber chair is sacrosanct. The trust that enables me to wield a blade around a man's jugular is reflected in the absence of judgement and the unbiased support I can give. I hope you can shed a few worries as your stubble disappears and walk out not only looking, but feeling the best version of yourself.

Don't leave it til the 11th hour. Groomsman Barbers want you to feel 11 out of 10.


Please visit Movember uk, The Lions Barber Collective, CALM, MIND or search for other men's health charities to donate.