"What do you think this is: Battersea Power Station?" The bill-payer's fight between light and money stretches generations but our LED world has the edge; higher luminescence at a far cheaper price!

So what have I got to Grumble about today, you may well ask, as Groomsman Barbers gleams radiantly from Cavendish Place? 

It's all very well having a gentleman's den-styled cutting room, but when products are used to mask sub-standard scissor and clipper work, it the client that has that 'bad hair day' moment upon exiting the shower a week later wondering why 'that bit' is sticking up again.

So we return to the floodlit room that I call my workstation. Master Barbering means you will not only be downright chuffed with your haircut as I angle the hand-mirror to catch the back of your head in the main reflection, but you'll also be thinking about the value for money as you shower-off at the gym, take a cursory glance in the mirror and confirm what you already know: your hair is behaving because your Master Barber took an interest in what your hair pattern was shouting!

How? Because of brilliance... the LED kind as well!