Meghan Trainor isn't someone I look up to in the slightest, but it seems that most barbers follow her philosophy of focusing on one particular skill. I agree that having a signature style is a major achievement (Vidal Sassoon isn't an icon without cause) but not every man wants a 'sick fade', nor does every head suit the style.

Listening to the client and working together to bring skill and knowledge together with the specific head shape and growth pattern is an intrinsic part of Barbering, something I endeavour to champion within the educational areas of my work. Striving towards excellence is all very well, but a certain amount of the end result depends on instruction from someone capable. Maybe this grumble is tinged with a bias as my wife is a teacher, but I absolutely need to say a big THANK YOU to all the barbers that have inspired me, taken the time to pass on their acumen and skill, put up with my thirst for instruction and helped me become a 'British Master Barber.' 

So with hard work in mind I'll end with words from my guilty pleasure 'Take That' ...

"Whatever you put out there is gonna come back, Whenever you're ready just let it all out... Get ready for it!"