Client-Specific Requirements



Groomsman Barbers are the only current barbers in the UK holding the Autism Friendly Award from the National Autistic Society.

We would like to make every individual feel at home and help each person to enjoy the process of personal grooming. The following sequencing images have been made particularly with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder in mind.

We welcome suggestions and requests from all clients, their family members or carers to further personalise the experience. In particular we can change the lighting and music, adapt the pace of the booking, and screen of parts of the room. We offer orientation sessions so that a client may become more familiar with the environment without feeling any pressure to have a haircut.

Welcome to Groomsman Barbers


We offer hair washing for every client


Our Master Barber uses scissors or clippers to cut your hair


We can't stay 2 meters away so please use a face covering and we will have single-use gowns and aprons too