Expert Barbers Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne


Groomsman is now closed tobias is now working at Old Town Barbers. He is still taking appointments through booksy.




Expert Barbers in Eastbourne

Look Your Best with Groomsman Barbers

Your hair is not just an accessory, it’s your identity, and it speaks volumes about you. We know that if your hair doesn’t look perfect, you won’t have half the confidence when you step into work or go out for the night. The good news is that here at Groomsman, we care about your hair as much as you do. We’re dedicated to cutting great hair and our barbers will give you the exact look that you want. When it comes to hair, it’s the attention to detail that matters and we pay particular attention to your hair growth pattern to give you an amazing haircut that will not only look great, but will last longer. If you would like to book an appointment at our barbers in Eastbourne, get in touch. No appointments are necessary of course, drop-ins are welcome.









Expert Barbers  in Eastbourne

Master Barber Tobias Wardleworth (SRB)

Tobias has been perfecting his craft for over 6 years. Tobias isn’t just a barber, but a British Master Barber. This means that as well as possessing at least 5 years of experience, Tobias has been independently tested by qualified assessors. Tobias specialises in beards, precision cutting and the fade. Fading is an art in itself, and if you want absolute precision, Tobias will be able to deliver it. Not only will you get an impeccable haircut, but Tobias will tell you how to care for it.

If you need guidance on your hair, skin and growth pattern, Tobias will be able to help you. Knowing how to care for your hair will mean the cut will last longer – saving you money in the long run. Tobias’ priority is to assist your pursuit of the best. As you step out from Groomsman barbers, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re presenting the pinnacle of yourself to the world.








No Waiting

If you want to get your haircut at a time that is convenient for you, all you have to do is get in touch to make an appointment. If you also want to drop in, then that’s no problem either. You can even kick back and relax with a tea or Nespresso coffee while you wait for your haircut.


We Reward Your Loyalty

We have a loyalty card system, whereby every time you get a haircut with us, we’ll stamp your card. When you reach your tenth haircut, it’s on us. Also, if you recommend Groomsman to someone and they inform us that they were referred by you, you’ll earn two more stamps.


Expert Help

We can tell you what you need to do to keep the shape of your hair, so your cut lasts longer. The same goes for shaving. Your Master Barber will further educate you on your skin care so you keep looking your best.






Our Location

Groomsman Barbers is located in Eastbourne, very close to the seafront. If you’re looking for expert barbers in Eastbourne, get in touch to book your appointment.

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Groomsman are SRB State Registered Barbers

We’re State Registered Barbers (SRB) which means that we are accredited by the Barber Council. Only barbers who are NVQ certified to at least level 2 for a minimum of two years can qualify for this.



Groomsman are British Master Barbers

In addition, we are British Master Barbers, which means we have at least 5 years of experience in barbering, and have been assessed by a panel of peers who have reviewed our work. This means you can have total confidence in our scissor work, clipper work and cut throat razor technique.



Groomsman are Caring Barbers

At Groomsman Barbers, we know that not everyone feels comfortable in the same environment. Our friendly team take the time to respond to your requests, especially where special or specific needs are concerned. We are not only Dementia Friendly Barbers (yes, please let us know what music takes you back or relaxes you and how you like your cup of tea) but we are also Autism Friendly Barbers (as well as caring for other needs) so we can tailor the environment to suit you. Let us know what you'd like when booking and we'll do our best to get everything ready for your visit.




“Spot on haircuts and a reliable barber. I have been getting my foil fade haircuts from Tobias for 2 years. Perfect every time, won't disappoint. 10/10.”



“Tobias has been my barber for the past 2/3 years and has kept my hair in amazing shape ensuring I look exactly how I want for performing with my band. The products he uses and the care he puts into every haircut is worth its weight in gold. He is by far the best barber I have ever used and has become a great mate in the time I've been using him.”



“Thanks to Tobias I no longer leave a barbershop disappointed. He always listens when you tell him what style you want and offers suggestions and ideas. No more 2 back and sides and hope for the best. We worked together to get the style I've always wanted.”



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